Root Canals

People are sometimes a bit nervous when they hear that a tooth needs a root canal. They may have heard ‘horror stories’ about them and expect it to be an unpleasant procedure. Well, we’re pleased to tell you that most patients are pleasantly surprised. Most often the comment we hear is, ‘wow, that sure was easier than what I was expecting!’ The branch of dentistry known as Endodontics (root canals) has improved dramatically through the years, due to advances in techniques and technology. Most root canals can be completed in one appointment now. Keeping the procedure painless is first and foremost, and at Deerhaven Family Dentistry we won’t do a root canal unless we can do it painlessly.

What is a root canal exactly? Every tooth has an inner part of it which contains the pulp, which is the nerve supply and blood supply to the tooth. Sometimes, this pulp tissue can become inflamed, painful, or infected. A great way to save a tooth, which otherwise might need to be extracted, is to remove the inner infected tissue and fill the space inside with a filler material. Due to the tooth being a bit weaker after this inner part of the tooth has been removed, most root canal-treated teeth need a crown put on them afterwards, to protect the tooth from breaking.

Please feel free to discuss this procedure with the doctors and staff of Deerhaven Family Dentistry, as we recognize that sometimes fear of the unknown can be a scary thing, and we are glad to help dispel some of the misconceptions, fear and mystery associated with root canals.